Menu of Services

Our services combine the time-honored tradition of personal touch with the latest relevant resources and tools for “results-oriented” workshops.

The Menu of Services enables a client to review our services and select those that best meet their current needs.

  • Comprehensive School-wide Conflict Resolution/Violence Prevention Services
  • Student Peer Mediation Training
  • Specialized Workshops: Teen Relationships/Bullying/LGBTQ/Public Speaking/and related topics
  • Facilitation Skills for Young People
  • Facilitation Skills for Adults
  • Parent Workshops
  • Train-the-Trainer Series

Comprehensive School-wide Conflict Resolution/Violence Prevention Services:

EARS staff works with school teams to create a climate that encourages students to seek positive, proactive, non-violent solutions to every day conflicts. Intensive training in concepts and skills of conflict resolution includes: specific training for administrators and school staff to implement a successful peer mediation program; training for students to become effective mediators; and workshops for parents to better understand their adolescents and the choices they face. EARS staff provides technical assistance workshops throughout the school year for program staff and skill building sessions to enhance the skills of the student mediators.

Student Peer Mediation Training:

Schools that have experience in conflict resolution often need support and training services to train new student mediators each year. EARS provides three days of intensive training for 25 students per school to become effective mediators. Students will learn effective communication, negotiation, and defusing anger skills in role-plays of real conflict situations that occur in their schools.

Facilitation Skills for Adults:

This two-day training is designed for 25 adults interested in learning new interactive activities to be used with students or adults. EARS staff offers highly innovative and creative facilitation techniques that are useful and effective in a variety of settings. Strong facilitation skills enhance individuals’ classroom management, group dynamics and presentation skills.

Parent Workshops:

This series of three half-day workshops focus on better understanding the issues affecting their adolescent children, exploring effective ways of handling anger and role-playing common conflicts with their children. The workshops encourage establishing a supportive network among the parents, school staff and their children.

Train-the-Trainer Series:

Learn to teach conflict resolution/peer mediation skills to others. EARS offers a two-day basic train-the-trainer for staff and/or peer mediators to become trainers.

Specialized Workshops:

EARS provides an array of specialized workshops for adults and youth that address the following issues: communication skills, deescalating anger, diversity, bias awareness, bullying, developing youth leadership, working with at-risk youth, mentoring and other “hot topics”. These workshops can be designed from one to three full days of training depending upon the specific needs of the participants.

Workshops are co-facilitated by experienced adult and youth trainers.

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