Program Summary


Effective Alternative in Reconciliation Services (EARS) is a Bronx based organization with a citywide reputation in Youth Empowerment Training and Conflict Management.  Our focus is on youth 12 to 21 years old, that we train to be Peer Mediators and Teen Trainers.  Over the years, our expert staff and our teams of youth leaders have trained over 75,000 youth and adults across New York City in conflict resolution, leadership development, social/emotional learning, bullying and violence prevention issues. EARS has become an invaluable resource in youth empowerment and conflict resolution for hundreds of schools, community, foster care and youth organizations citywide and nationally.

 Our mission is to empower young people with the skills to become self-sufficient and responsible young adults, preparing them to meet the challenges of adolescence and urban life in a safe, supportive setting.






  • Community School District/Region Projects: Comprehensive service delivery tailored to each site’s needs, offering conflict resolution, peer mediation training, staff development, classroom management, and workshops for parents.  EARS has been working successfully in NYC schools citywide since 1989.
  • Summer Youth Internship Program: An intensive six-week program for teen leaders providing professional facilitation training, individual coaching and on-the-job training. “Graduates” provide workshops to peers and adults in community based and professional organizations citywide.
  • Respect for All: LGBTQ & Bullying Initiatives: initiated by the NYC Department of Education, provides intensive training for school-based staff addressing LGBTQ youth violence, bullying and harassment, helping adults create safe schools for all students.  EARS provides expert trainers to this project which is sponsored in part by the New York City Council.
  • United States Department of State: regularly invites EARS teen trainers to provide intensive workshops for visiting dignitaries from all over the world.  Participants in these workshops overwhelmingly rate them as their best experience during their two-week visit to the United States.
  • Operation Respect: EARS provides violence prevention training for staff and students at schools citywide for Operation Respect, creators of the “Don’t Laugh At Me” program and curriculum. 
  • Community Programming: sponsored by grants from the Bronx District Attorney’s Office and NYS Senator Hassell-Thompson’s office, EARS provides workshops with intensive skits and skills-based trainings for community leaders, youth and adults to really grapple with violence issues.
  • Mentor Program: professionals from youth, juvenile justice, social  work,  legal and related fields mentor an EARS protégé for one year, with periodic group meetings with the Bronx DA.

The “EARS experience” has helped hundreds of young people launch successful careers in the youth violence prevention, youth development and related fields.  Youth involved in EARS programs learn to set goals, acquire communication skills and gain self-confidence.  And above all, EARS provides a safe place for young people to learn and practice life skills necessary to become successful adults.

EARS is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization with 501©3 status.  We are supported by private, federal, state and local sources.  To donate time, resources, or for more information call (845) 596-5369 or contact Marcy May at (845) 596-5369.